Mortgage Market Ecosystem (FHA, Ginnie Mae, GSEs)

Our team offers extensive Mortgage Market compliance and quality control expertise and change management. Complete with ensuring legislative and regulatory compliance by engaging with several Federal overseers, we assist with drafting and reviewing servicing policies to assess market impact, risk support, audits, and change management.

Mortgage Origination, Risk Management, Compliance, and Quality Control

  • Quality Control and Compliance including sample strategy, defect rates, and dispositions
  • Mortgage credit and underwriting policies
  • Adherence to FHA policies and procedures
  • Strategic counsel on business risk, business growth, and line of business focus
  • Assess market attributes and assist in ensuring production risk strategies are consistent with corporate strategies
  • Early buyout strategies for Ginnie Mae issuers
  • Risk support services – credit risk, operational and compliance risk, model risk, set-up of functions (lines of reporting, employee support, reporting), risk governance

Mortgage Servicing (Forward and HECMs)

  • Quality Control and Compliance
  • Servicing policies and procedures review and gap analysis
  • Capacity evaluation and planning
  • Loss mitigation claims, investor reporting, and property disposition process review
  • Sub-servicer compliance reviews
  • Audit recommendations
  • Change management

Mortgage Finance Legislative and Regulatory Guidance

  • Engaging with overseers (HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CFPB)
  • Reviewing policies to assess market impacts
  • Drafting policies and recommendations for legislators and regulators in conjunction with industry stakeholders and leaders
  • Supporting lenders/servicers with regulatory audits
  • Change management

Public Housing and State, Local, and Tribal Governments

Our team offers Public Housing Authorities and State, Local and Tribal Governments strategic counsel around HUD’s oversight, operational assistance, best practices, and insights that optimize funding and create new opportunities to better achieve the mission.

  • Compliance
  • Strategic thinking in dealings with HUD and HUD Inspector General
  • Operational assistance
  • Optimizing HUD plans for new and current HUD funding
  • Identifying untapped funding opportunities for new projects
  • Sharing of industry “best practices”
  • Evaluating HUD programs for new opportunities and serving your business needs with efficient use of funding that optimizes benefits to the local community

Strategic Business Development

Our key to success is selecting best-in-class service and product providers and deploying our mortgage market expertise to help drive client success and revenue. Our team’s expertise and deep relationships provide a solid foundation upon which to achieve client  success across the mortgage market and affordable housing sector. 

Our team can also serve as a liaison to state, local, and tribal governments, opens new doors through long-standing relationships, and helps clients navigate affordable housing markets throughout the country.

  • Outreach to State, Local, and Tribal Governments and Public Housing Authorities
  • Identifying untapped funding opportunities for new projects
  • Understanding new and current HUD funding sources
  • Leveraging relationships within the affordable housing industry to forge new partnerships
  • Providing actionable intelligence on affordable housing markets across the country, allowing clients to see around corners and understand the trends which affect enterprise value in the future

Disaster Recovery

Our team offers recipients of HUD disaster funding knowledge and experience that helps jurisdictions comply with guidelines and identify new opportunities to optimize their full recovery and resilience for the future.

  • Compliance
  • Identifying untapped funding opportunities for new projects
  • Understanding new and current HUD funding sources
  • Strategic counsel on HUD plans for new and current HUD funding to effectively and efficiently use grants for to optimize benefits to the local community

Litigation Support

Our team provides clients with expert perspective on the GSE/HUD credit and servicing policy environments, underwriting, loss mitigation, and claims often at the heart of compliance disputes with regulators.

  • Expert perspective into GSE and HUD/FHA/Ginnie Mae credit and servicing policies, including whether originator/servicer policies and procedures comply
  • Historical insights and knowledge of GSE and HUD home retention and loss mitigation processes
  • Analysis from former Chair and Members of the HUD Mortgagee Review Board